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The chances are that you have entered this website in your search to find an accountant to assist your client in some form of litigious matter. As part of the selection process you will doubtless have certain key criteria, which will affect your ultimate choice of expert witness. The aim of this site, therefore, is to succinctly explain who we are and why we believe that you should choose us as part of your team.

MALL & CO was established in 1993 with the sole aim of providing quality forensic accountancy services.

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  • Experience
  • As we specialise exclusively in this area of work, we are able to offer you a combination of service and experience beyond that normally provided in the wider marketplace. Our dedication to this field of accountancy has resulted in us having a broad spectrum of experience in litigation matters and means we are able to draw on technical expertise gained over literally hundreds of different cases. This is apparent in the work we produce for you.

  • Impartiality
  • We have always recognised that we are ultimately experts of the Court and have therefore developed an envied reputation for impartiality.

  • Teamwork
  • Our first objective is to form a good relationship with our clients - personal but professional. We aim to deliver our services on a timely basis and in accordance with directions set by you and the Court.

  • Flexibility
  • In today’s environment, we place great importance on providing the best product for the instructions presented to us, always tailoring the work we perform to the individual circumstances of a particular case.

  • Cost effectiveness   
  • The combination of the right people and the right product ensures that we deliver at the right price.

    We are a niche firm who take great pride in the work we perform. We are able to offer you the four key components of an experienced forensic accountancy service - quality, commercial awareness, timeliness and price - thereby providing you with a first-class professional product at unrivalled value for money.

    MALL & CO - A team of the highest calibre.